Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Conquest Status Update

A Darkened World: Primary Character sheets are all done, and tomorrow night I'll do up the Secondary ones. They are just number crunching, so won't take long.


However, I need to offer an apology to my players.

I've done it again: I have written far too much, and have no real hope of trimming it down without loosing the flavour I want. Most of the characters are going to be manageable (2 to 4 pages, plus the secondary character sheet) however some of them are going to be much bigger. If I get time, I'm going to modify those characters a bit. I'm going to put the long background that provides all the flavour in a separate section, and then include a brief summary that provides all the important information without the flavour. Hopefully that will work.
Tags: conquest, conventions, roleplaying

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