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Good News: Success! Bad News: 6:00am

Alarm went off at 6:00am this morning (ugh! I am not a morning person) so I could get over to paradigmshifty storage units in Highett by 8:00am. The removalists were already there when I arrived, and the staff at the storage place had already chopped all the locks off the three storage units for them. I had a key to one of them, but they didn't know that. Oh well.

The reason I was there was that way back in July 2006 I took my first steps for the move to Melbourne. The stuff that went in that move ended up in storage in Melbourne. The problem was that most of it ended up in the back of the storage unit, so after I moved down and went to have a look, I could see the couch poking above the rest of the very tightly packed storage unit and nothing else that I recognised.

So, the stuff has stayed there for the last three years. I've tried to pull stuff out of there at times, but my stuff was so well buried that I couldn't get anything much out.

However, Stephen organised to move the rest of his stuff to Perth with him, and we both wanted to make sure that none of my stuff went there (as neither of us wants to pay for any of it to come back again).

So, that's what I did for the two-ish hours from 8:00am this morning. Stood in the doorway of the storage unit and occasionally told them certain bits are staying while I watched them move everything else. Also helped there weren't hard on the eye to watch. :)

When I left (after the storage people gave me a free replacement lock), all of Stephen's stuff was out of that unit (Unit 138 for your reference Stephen) and only my stuff was remaining. According to the guy who was supervising them, he estimated I had about 8 cubic meters worth of stuff left in there, which I'll need to know for when I move it all over my end of town, which hopefully I should be able to organise sometime very soon.

I found a few things packed in there of mine that I had completely forgotten about. For instance, there is a plastic storage container with my Atari 2600 collection in it, and a complete collection of the Star Trek Fact Files (yes, geek, guilty on both counts). I did also find something that I knew was in there that I was looking for, namely my keyboard and keyboard stand. Now that I've found it, I might actually start teaching myself how to play it again, and hopefully get some ability in it.

Overall a fairly successful morning.
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