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Can't WoW, patching!

New content patch coming through at the moment for World of Warcraft. Looks like lots of nice things coming it.

One of the things I'm looking forward to is the changes to the mounts.

When I started playing originally (yes, it's a "back in my day") you got your first mount at level 40 which was 160% base speed, and then could get the Epic mount at level 60 which was 200% base speed. At some point they lowered the first mount to level 30. Then when Burning Crusade came out, you couldn't get your flying mount until you hit level 70.

That's all changing in this patch. Basic mount at 20, Epic mount at 40 and Flying mount at 60, plus the costs are dropping a great deal. I've heard a lot of people whining that it's "easy-mode" for players now, and I've thought about it a bit.

Yes, it's easier than it was, but with good reason.

When the game started (nearly 5 years ago now) the top level was 60. It was a lot of work to get there and there was a real sense of achievement to do so. A lot of people believed that level 40 was the half way point between 1 and 60 in terms of the amount of work. Since then there have been two expansions, raising the level cap to 70 and then to 80.

During that initial game, requiring you to run around for half the game made sense. It was an achievement and it was something to be proud of. However, now there had been so much added to the end game (ie, the game you play once you have levelled all the way to the top) that levelling is not the achievement it once was, merely something to get over and done with as soon as you can so you can get into the "good stuff".

This change of perspective is not because of them making the game easier, but simply because there is so much more at the top now. They've made the levelling game easier because it's now a much smaller part of the overall game. Rather than "wasting" time levelling (and once you've done it a couple of times, it feels like a waste), you can now get through those lower levels quicker, to get to the real meaty end-game.

I think it's a good idea. Now I'm going to bed, and by the morning my World of Warcraft will be ready for the next stage. Should be fun!
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