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Grumpy and Irritable

I'm seriously considering cancelling Breathing Space at Gen Con Oz.

I currently have a grand total of 7 people signed up for a 18 player game. Do I really want to go to the effort of finalising everything, print it all out, get the name badges and other odds and sods sorted out, and carry it all to Brisbane with me, for a game that I doubt very much will run?

Remembering last years convention, I don't think I'll get enough additional players for the game to be viable.

Of course, add to that the clusterfuck that has been scheduling. When I submitted my games, I didn't put down a set time when they were to run. I just said that I did not want to run in the morning (as I'm not a morning person) and being a Vampire game, a night session would be better for the feel of that game. Other than that, they were free to schedule whenever they wanted to.

100 Years Ago Today got scheduled for Friday night. Good schedule, until you realise that it's scheduled against two other freeform/LARP events. Even in Melbourne with a large freeform player base, most conventions only schedule two at a time. Breathing Space was scheduled for Saturday night, in what looks like the premier slot. However, so were four other games. They expected 5 games to run at the same time? WTF?

Looking over the LARP schedule, they had a total of 11 games submitted, which they jammed into 3 slots: Friday night had three games, Saturday afternoon had three games, and Saturday night had 5 games. How on earth they expected any of them to get enough players is beyond me. As it is, one of the Friday night games had no players and was cancelled, and then moved to Sunday afternoon, one of the Saturday afternoon games had no players and was cancelled, and one of the Saturday night games had no players and was cancelled.

That still leaves four games total running Saturday night. There are 46 people currently signed up for those four games. One of the games has 25 players (the Steampunk event, which probably has people playing it who wouldn't have turned up to Gen Con Oz otherwise, so I certainly do not begrudge them for it), while the L5R Interactive has 11, Breathing Space has 7 and the other one (Warhammer) has 3.

40 players is about what I expect to be playing freeforms in a single session at a southern convention, where there is a much larger freeform player base to draw on. I doubt very much I'll get any more. Even if the Warhammer game cancells, that's only 3 more players max.

The game is running again in two weeks at Unicon, so my efforts aren't wasted. But I'm mightily pissed off at whoever was responsible for scheduling at Gen Con Oz.

I haven't cancelled yet, but probably will. Descision will be made later on tonight.


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Sep. 16th, 2009 06:36 am (UTC)

The scheduling is ridiculous. This guy clearly has no idea of the demographic he's allegedly serving. Is he even a roleplayer? It certainly seems as though he has not got Clue One about popularity of styles, let alone the logistics of trying to put multiple freeforms on at once.

That said, the fact he considers freeforms to be 'LARPs' should be a dead giveaway, I suppose.
Sep. 16th, 2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
Its surprising how easy the process becomes when you write it out in a grid, noting all the relevant measurables, like how many players in a game. And also surprising how many times it gets stuffed up. Sometimes there are unresolvable issues, but other times its just "did you even think about this?"
Oct. 14th, 2009 02:21 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the delay in getting to this. Yes we did think about it. Yes we wanted everyone to be happy. Yes we stuck to what people wanted. And then this is what happens when we let people do what they want. It also doesn't help that one event wasn't even finished a day before the event. What gives there?

Random has dropped me an e-mail to set this situation right. We have, for the past two years, not got the LARP/Freeform issue right. We want to change that and make it a viable option for attendees.

So for 2010, Random is your man.

We are also going to suggest that no more than 1 or 2 LARPs (or Freeforms) occupy the same slot in the schedule. We are also suggesting that LARPs and Freeforms be restricted in the number of participants(within reason) so that one popular event doesn't prevent another from running.

And for the record:

a) I have been an avid role player since 1985.
b) I have successfully run The BIG Weekend from 2002 - 2005
c) I still don't understand the difference between LARPs and Freeforms
d) The reason the Freeforms are under the LARP Event Type is because otherwise we would have 50 different event types and noone would we be able to find the events - we have a hard enough issue with our Event System.

Back to you!
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I dream of rain
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