Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Melbourne, looking for a venue

This is a call out to people in Melbourne who know this city better than I.

I'm a member of the Camarilla, and we're trying to organise Noctis, an event for the ANZAC day weekend for next year. It's a 4 day roleplaying event running from Friday the 23rd of April to Monday the 26th (plus a few other events around that period), and we're having a hell of a difficult time finding a venue.

We thought we've organised a venue a couple times, and then find out the place is not available like they originally said they were, or were twice the price of what they said they were, or something else along that line, and we're getting frantic.

What we need is:
  • One large room, plus one or more other rooms (Large room would be the main gaming room, the other room would be the out of character area, plus potentially other smaller rooms used for meetings and the like)

  • Available from the morning of the 23rd of April till late afternoon/evening of the 26th, preferably where we don't have to completely pack up overnight

  • Prefer city or inner suburbs, but must be easily accessible from the city, as we are intending to try and sell this to the international Camarilla and get a lot of the overseas people to come

  • Total cost of about $3000 or so

If possible, we'd also like a venue that provides a little more ambience than a generic conference room, but at the moment just about any venue is better than the lack of venue we currently have.

Can anyone think of venues that fit that criteria? Monday the 26th is a Public holiday but Friday the 23rd isn't, so most schools and the like are unfortunately out of the running then.
Tags: camarilla, conventions, noctis, roleplaying

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