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I have been accused of "nesting"

Well, you see, I had to go shopping to get new running shoes (my old ones are getting to the stage that enough of the internal support has died that they begining to be painful). Nicole and Perrin had nothing to do tonight, so they came along for some window shopping.

We went to Carindale shopping centre, and after we had some dinner (Chinese), and checking out Granny May's (Perrin didn't know what they were) we went our separate ways. I went and got shoes (on special too, regular price $200, down to $159), and they went window shopping.

After getting said shoes, I also window shopped.

We all ended meeting up again in Lincraft, where we proceded to buy things that we weren'y originally intending to. They bought two hat boxes, and some stuff to decorate them, and Perrin bought a snake draft-stopper (really cute).

And I bought about $90 of material that Nicole is going to make into curtains for the living room. Mostly they are going to be calico, but with a grey/blue strip through the middle of them. I also bought a small stainless steel shelving unit for the bathroom, but we get it home and it won't fit, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.

I also was thinking of buying a rug for the front room (regular price $448, down to $195) but the rug shop was closed by the time we got back, which means I'll probably get it on Saturday.

I have also bought copies of two of the Roborally expansions, Crash and Burn and Radioactive. Now all I need to do is find a copy of the basic set!

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