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Dad Update: Mum's latest email

This is the latest from Mum:

He had sudden severe pain while playing in a bowls tournament on Sunday afternoon. Told them to get a replacement for him and he went into the clubhouse. Fortunately, he decided it was pretty serious so asked them to call an ambulance. He was transported to Caloundra hospital instead of Nambour [about 40 minutes closer to Brisbane]. They did an ultrasound and found that he had a ruptured aorta [yeah! panic]. It is called AAA [Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm]. 50% of the people who have this thing burst die! So he is one very lucky fellow. The aorta is the biggest and main supply of blood to the whole body so the internal bleeding and loss of blood flow to organs is critical. Anyway, they arranged ambulance transfer [yes, flashing lights and sirens all the way down, 1 ¼ hours]. He was transferred from Emergency straight into surgery as soon as they wheeled him in the door. The anaesthetist arrived in sweat pants and joggers from a run and the Vascular surgeon arrived in a dinner suit. He was on the table for almost 4 hours. they remove the damaged section about 5 inches of it and replace it was a plastic man made tube about the size of a garden hose. They will still be watching for damage to organs etc as blood loss and cut off blood flow is dangerous. He is still not breathing for himself but all other signs look good. Anyway, he is in good hands.

I will be travelling back to Brisbane this afternoon with my own car. So will stay down there until they let me bring him home. I will keep you all informed but things are looking fairly positive at this time.
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