Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Stormfront Character Bookings

Haven't had that many characters pre-booked for Stormfront for Conquest. The character list with description is at the end of that link, and here's what is currently booked:

 Session ASession I
*Cowgirl (F)Caroline Seawright
The Kid
Saloon OwnerDavid Woodruff
School Marm (F)
Stage Coach DriverEric Henry
Town MarshalTravis Hall
Working Girl (F)Morrigan RothFi
Indian Guide
ScientistChris Francis
Reporter (F)
Security Guard
Scientist's Assistant (F)Kim Clarke
*Train Driver

The three marked with (*) are the three that will be dropped if I don't have the full 18 players, however since the two sessions are currently 16 and 12 players, that might not be an issue.
Tags: conquest, conventions, roleplaying

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