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RPG Writing: Characters that haven't met. Yet.

Stormfront is basically written. I'll be going over and cleaning up, tweaking, etc, but it could run as it stands.

Though I am currently considering a technical issue.

The game is made up of three distinct groups, the townsfolk, and the two groups of visitors. The first group of visitors have been there for about half an hour to an hour or so, so they've had the time to find out at least the very basics of who is who. The second group however, will be arriving about 2 minutes after the game starts, so they won't know anyone already there, and no one already there will know anything about them. However, with a small amount of social interaction, individuals will be able to find out bits and pieces about each other.

As a result, I haven't included either side in the other side's "who you know" list, as they don't know them from a bar of soap at the start. So, how do I include the information that won't be said, but will be worked out?

My thought currently is to include with each character the collection of what those others will be able to get about you on separate pieces of paper (sealed, of course). When a character interacts socially with them, they hand over the appropriate slip, so the player then knows what they are able to work out from them.

The issues I see with this is that it will mean the "Travellers from the East" will have to keep track of an additional 13 pieces of paper. At the start of the game, they are other peoples pieces of paper, but by then end, they will be their own. The other characters don't have it as bad, they will have 5.

One possible solution to this has occurred to me. I will be having my laptop and portable printer with me, so have the ability to print on demand. As a result, if a player finds the addition pieces of paper too much (which I expect most will), then they can come to me and I can re-print them as a single document, rather than multiple pages. This should mean that by about half way through most of the players will have their original character sheet, plus one page.

Thoughts? Observations? Questions? Comments?
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