Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Tower Inc

Tower Inc is close to done, and as a result I have finally been able to put the background information and Company/Character list up. It will most likely receive tweaks and modifications before next weekend, but it's close enough to finished.

If you are playing, have a look and let me know what characters you wish to play, if you wish to pre-book. If you aren't playing, have a look at it as well, as the initial blurb doesn't provide the full picture (as per usual, I wasn't 100% sure of the full picture when I wrote and submitted the blurb).

A few things of note that I have placed on the website, that I wish to reiterate here:

Firstly, the game contains discrimination and intolerance, and other aspects of the nasty side of human nature.

Secondly, the character list has 24 characters on it. The game is a 15 to 18 player game. As a result, it should be fairly obvious that not all characters listed are available for play. If you wish to prebook characters, please provide multiple character choices, as the character you choose first might not be available.

Finally, all the information listed on the website is publicly available information, but there is no guarantee that it's accurate information. It is simply what is believed to be true.
Tags: conquest, conventions, roleplaying

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