Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Pheno Freeforms

Pheno is less than two weeks away, and they've had three freeforms be cancelled already.

This means there are gaps in their schedule. I have just offered A Darkened World to them to fill some of those gaps, and it's been accepted.

It is a roleplaying game inside a roleplaying game, in my own unique style (just ask Julian about his game at Conquest last year).

However, at this late stage it's not going to be on the rego system, so the best way to let people know that it's happening is word of mouth. Can the people reading this let others who are going to Pheno who might not be reading this know about it? Ingrid has indicated they will leave a Freeform session on the Sunday or Monday free for it, so the game will run if I get enough players.

Come along, play, and poke fun at a certain roleplaying club. :)

Also, is there anyone who's played it who'd like to help me run it? I can run it on my own, but other assistant GM's always are a help.
Tags: conventions, pheno, roleplaying

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