Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Local Minion, reporting for duty!

WorldCon is the World Science Fiction Convention, and this year it's happening in Melbourne in the form of Aussiecon 4, September 2nd - 6th.

I decided that I really wanted to go when I heard that Howard Tayler (howardtayler) of Schlock Mercenary had been nominated for a Hugo Award.

Of course, being me, I seem to be physically incapable of turning up to these sort of things as just an observer, so as a result when Sandra Tayler (sandratayler - Howard's wife and business manager) mentioned in the list of things she did today that she had arranged tickets for Howard to attend Worldcon I immediately put my hand up as local Minion for them if they required one. After a quick conversation with Sandra, I am one!

So, some thoughts have occurred to me.

Firstly, is there anyone who would like to help and also be a minion? For some reason I have the mental image of umbra_mentis being a booth babe for the Dealer Room. You interested my dear? :)

Secondly, what Comic stores are there around Melbourne? Being a comic writer, I assume that Howard will want to work with some Comic stores while he's here, to make best use of the Australian visit. I'm aware of Minotaur in the city, but what else is there?

Thirdly, what tourist attractions do you think I should recommend to Howard? Unfortunately the visit will most likely only be Howard and not any of the rest of the family.

Any other thoughts?
Tags: plans, schlock mercenary, squee, worldcon

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