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Dreamwidth Seed Account Sale

The Dreamwidth Seed account sale is currently on.

I missed the first batch of 100 accounts, and the second batch of 100 went on sale almost an hour ago. The third batch should go on sale at approximately 11:00pm Melbourne time, and the fourth (and last) batch should go on sale at about 5:00am tomorrow morning.

Seed accounts cost $200US, and are the equivalent of a premium account but are valid forever. A year of a Premium account costs $50US, so you pay for 4 years and never have to worry about it again.

Accounts are for sale here: http://www.dreamwidth.org/shop

Click on the appropriate link for who you want to buy the account for (Buy paid services for yourself/someone in your circle/a different account/a new account/a random user).

If there are any Seed accounts available, there will be an extra option under the standard options for the seed account.

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