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Houses, Dates and Moving

Well, the dates are sorted.

Travis and I go in Wednesday morning (26th May) to sign the lease on the new place and get the keys. We've put in the notice to vacate the current place and the hand over date will be Monday the 6th of June.

Move is booked in for Saturday the 4th of June.

Travis has sorted the electricity, gas and water, while I've theoretically sorted the phone and internet (phone being a Telstra thing, that's why I've only theoretically sorted it). Internet is pencilled in as being connected on Monday the 6th, but may be a day or two depending on how much fiddling around they have to do with Telstra. We'll see.

We've got almost 2 weeks overlap with the two places. I'm intending to use this overlap to make the move as easy as possible. I'm planning to move a hell of a lot of my stuff this weekend, so we don't have to worry about it next weekend, and so that there's more room in the house to pack the rest of the stuff.

So, is anyone willing and able to help me this weekend? If I get enough people willing to help I'm going to hire a ute for the weekend, otherwise I will hire removalists. Most of what I want to move over this weekend is boxes and crates, very little furniture. Plus, most of it will be going into the bungalow out the back of the new place, so easy to deal with at the other end.

I remember a number of people have said they are willing to help. Anyone?


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