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The Move

I've thought about it, and realised that whether or not I get enough people volunteering to help on Saturday it's going to be easier if I book professional movers anyway.

As a result I've booked MiniMovers (the only moving company I would recommend without hesitation) for this Saturday morning. The plan is to get as much of the non-essential stuff moved this weekend as possible. This means all the storage crates, all the furniture that isn't required over the following week, all the stuff in the garage out the back, that sort of thing.

I'm going to try and pack as much of my books (oh god, my books!) this week as I can, and get them over as well.

Travis and I will still be living at the old house for the following week, so I will be making sure I leave enough so the house is still liveable. However, the less remaining the better as it will result in less stress for both of us when we do the full move. It would probably end up being cheaper to move everyone on the one day (less travel time, etc), but considering how stressful the last move was, I'm willing to pay extra for less stress.

I'm planning on walking past the new house tonight so I can check on parking restrictions on Bell St. Knowing what the parking restrictions are before hand is a good idea. We sign the lease and get the keys tomorrow morning, and I'm planning on dropping in to the new place tomorrow after work with a tape measure (already in my bag) plus pencil and paper so I can work out room layouts. Thursday night I have an exercise class (one of the few things I haven't cancelled for the next few weeks), and because I was already going to have one of the Flexicars to get to the class, I've extended the booking to the next morning, so I have a car at my disposal for moving things around Thursday night.

Most of the rest of my free time will be packing boxes. The only things I haven't cancelled over the next few weeks are my exercise classes (they're good for me, so I really shouldn't cancel them), I've marked myself as available for my World of Warcraft Guild's raids for next Sunday and Monday night, and I've got a friends birthday to attend that I really want to go to. Other than that I've pulled out of everything I was doing until after Pheno.

I've booked a Flexicar from Friday night till Monday morning, and then again for the following weekend, so I have my own transport for the actual move. Not having your own transport makes this sort of thing exceedingly difficult.

So, I'm still perfectly willing to accept volunteers this Saturday and next Saturday, but have no need for anyone to volunteer if they aren't available/don't want to.

Overall I'm finding myself a hell of a lot less stressed than the last move. I've a better understanding of what I'm doing this time, plus I'm genuinely looking forward to the new house. Plus I think the knowledge that we're getting away from our current fuckwit landlord is helping considerably.

Getting there, slowly.

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