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I've worked out the big problem I have is not with the move itself, it's with the packing. If the packing is done, the move is actually quite simple. Yes, it's big and it's annoying, but it's just people putting boxes and furniture into a truck, and the pulling them out of the truck again at the other end.

However, you've got to pull all the stuff out of the furniture and into boxes before they can do that, and that's the bit that stresses me.

I know what I want to get moved this Saturday, but moving it relies on the appropriate packing being done before that. Some will be tonight (I have an exercise class this evening, so won't be getting home until a bit later) and then the rest has to be done tomorrow night or it won't be done in time.

Anyone want to come over tomorrow night and help me pack, or at least provide moral support?

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