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Pheno Help

I'd like to ask for two bits of assistance for Pheno (roleplaying convention) this weekend.

Firstly, I fly in to Canberra at about 3:00pm tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. My lovely hosts (being Mark and Ingrid) are going to be running around madly organising the convention, so won't be able to pick me up. Is there anyone able to help me out? I want to get to the convention site by 5:30 for the GM briefing, but other than that have no need to be anywhere at any time.

Secondly, while I own all the props I need for A Darkened World I can't find some of them. I know they exist, don't know where I packed them. So, can anyone lend me some bits and pieces for the weekend.

It's not much, just an eye-patch for one character and a sling for another character. I think I need them for Sunday afternoon.


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