Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Destination: Cairns

Tomorrow I fly up to Cairns for nine days/eight nights for the real holiday.

While I love my family very much, time spent with them is not a holiday as I will always stress around them, as a result I'm really looking forward to the next week.

So, anyone have any suggestions on what I should do up in Cairns? Mostly the plans are to be lazy and relax, but I do want to do some stuff while I'm up there. If I'm lazy and do nothing for the entire time I will end up regretting it, so I want to have some activities.

One thing I probably won't be doing is visiting the reef. The way my back/neck has been means that time on the water will probably make me seasick. Not something I really want to do.

One thing I have pencilled in is to visit Kuranda via the Sky Rail and the Kuranda Scenic Railway. From what I've read, the railway only has two trips a day, while the Sky Rail is continuous, so what I'll probably do is take the railway up one morning, spend however long I want to spend up there, and then take the Sky Rail back down.

Anyone else have any "must do" options?

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