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This is the email I just got from my mother.

Glenn is my brother, and he still lives in St George, where I grew up.


Well, Glenn is currently starting to stack stuff up high. He is moving the big wooden table from the patio into the “shop” and also has the kitchenette counter and shelves in there to put things up high. He is going to put his bed up onto the wooden benches from the patio and will remove everything in lower cupboards, shelves and book cases. He says he is not going to leave town. He doesn’t think that the Moonie would be safe for his car anyway and according to the mayor, Donna Stewart, she is suggesting that anyone who can, leave town now while they can still get to Moonie. The water has broken through and around Beardmore dam - first time ever, so I would expect the Moolibah weir to be in full flood over the road already. Since they have never had these conditions combined before [the last two floods did not include Mitchel and it’s river nor did it include over 12 inches of rain]. If the prediction of over 14m comes true, Glenn is at the 14m mark so will end up with water in the house. It will also flood his new car. At least this time, he is home to look after things. [He was here on the coast for the last two floods]. They have relocated all of the residents from Warawee Aged Care to the Gold Coast via planes. The bottom end of town will likely be completely inundated and if this reaches the 14m mark, I would expect Dirranbandi to be wiped off the map in another 24-48 hours.

I just can’t fathom that much water. We have seen the lower end of town under water many times, BUT never like this. Get everyone to say a little prayer to whomever they may be in contact with. We can only hope and pray that all lives will be safe and can’t worry about “things” which can always be replaced.



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