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Flood, more thoughts.

This map shows the town of St George.

The pin is 28 Alfred St. That's the home I grew up in, and my brother's home now (after he bought it from Mum and Dad). To give you an indication of the problem, that house is at the higher end of town. You don't really get the impression when you're there but there is a gentle slope from the north east end of town down to the south west end. The river bank at the north east end is fairly high (I would guest about 10 meters or so. We used to love riding down it on our pushbikes into the river when we were kids), while the one at the south west end is more of a beach.

Draw a line from my brother's house to the north east parallel to the river and another one directly south until you reach the Carnarvon Highway. If the water reaches my brother's place, everything on the river side of those two lines will already be under water.

People are already requesting anyone who can evacuate to do so. At the moment, the flood looks like a record.

It's kind of disturbing to be reading these news reports and thinking to myself "I know these places" and "I know these people".

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