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Flood, Mandatory Evacuation

Mum rang.

Earlier this afternoon the order was given for mandatory evacuation of the entire town of St George. No one is allowed to stay.

The evacuation path is along the Moonie Highway towards Dalby. As far as I am aware, an evacuation centre had already been established in Dalby as a result of the flooding in the Dalby area, so that's where anyone who doesn't have anywhere else to go will spend their time. Glenn won't be stopping there, he'll be heading on to the coast and will be staying with Mum and Dad until people are allowed to return.

Mum said that assistance has been set up along the Moonie highway at all the potential trouble spots so that every car can get through. Knowing the various floodways and bridges along that highway, I wouldn't be surprised if some of that assistance is trucks where they put the car on the back of the truck, the truck drives through the water, the car gets offloaded at the other side and the truck goes back for the next car. As a result, I expect it's going to be very slow going.

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