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Flood, Official Notice of the Evac

From the Balonne Shire Council Facebook page, about 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon:


At a joint meeting of the St George LDMG and State agencies, it was decided that mandatory evacuations were required to ensure the safety of the members of the public in St George.

Recent Bureau of Meteorology forecasts indicate that upstream rivers are rising quickly and the Balonne River may peak in St George between 14 and potentially up to 15 metres.

The river is likely to reach 14m by approximately 9pm Monday evening and continue to rise throughout Tuesday and reach a peak of up to 15m overnight on Tuesday night.

These heights will be record levels for St George. The previous peak was 13.4m in 2010.

Residents of St George are required to evacuate by road before the Moonie Highway is cut by floodwaters, which is expected to occur sometime in the early part of Sunday evening. Current estimates indicate the Moonie Highway may be closed sometime tonight and residents should closely monitor local road conditions.

For those without their own transport, buses will leave the St George Showgrounds at 5pm and 7pm this evening and take residents to Dalby.

For residents requiring additional information, there will be a Community Information session at 4.30pm at the St George Showgrounds.

For those who do not have family or friends to go to, evacuation centres are opening at Dalby Showground and PCYC. Both centres will accept restrained pets.

Additional police resources have been positioned in the town to ensure property security.

Those who do not have their own vehicles should register with Balonne Shire Council on 4620 8888 for evacuation by bus to Dalby while this remains possible.

Air evacuation to Brisbane is being organized to ensure evacuations can proceed after the Moonie Highway closes. Air passengers will be restricted to 10kg of hand luggage only.

Pet owners are reminded that animals can not be accommodated on emergency transport, so pet owners are strongly advised to arrange road evacuation for their pets where possible.

Arrangements are being made with the RSPCA to care for pets which cannot be evacuated. They should be appropriately restrained (leash or cage) and brought to the St George Showground gathering point.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh urged people to follow the directions of authorities.

"This is a very serious situation and I urge people to cooperate."

Mayor Donna Stewart said she strongly urged people to self evacuate for their safety.

For further information please call 4620 8888.

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