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Things to get rid of, post the first...

I may need to buy a new desk, as the current ones I have are fairly large. Even if I don’t, I won’t have the room for three desks, so two of them will be going.

I have two desks that are 75cm x 180cm, plus one that’s 90cm x 155cm.  If I do keep one of the desks it will be one of the 75×180 cm ones.

I also have loads of bookcases and similar things. I probably won’t be sure on what bookcases I’m getting rid off until all of them are moved and I know what wall space I have, but there are two that I definitely want to offload. These two are in two pieces of 90cm each high, for a total of 180cm each. The bottom half is about 44cm deep, and the top half is your standard bookcase depth of about 20cm.  They’re each about 90cm wide in white laminated particle board.

I have a large 3-drawer metal filing cabinet (50cm wide, 65cm deep, 100cm tall) that I don’t think I actually need.

There’s other bits and pieces of furniture that I have that I will give Adrian (my current housemate) first dibs on. Actually, he probably has first dibs on any of this stuff as he already lives in the house with it all. :)

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