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The Move

Hmm… It seems I forgot to update.

I have a new apartment, and will be moving in under three weeks. After making my decision I put an application in on the $285 per week apartments with the agent that guarantees an answer within 24 hours. I did that on the Sunday night.

On the Wednesday, having heard nothing from them (and being a nervous wreck) I rang them up to inquire and was told “we should have those applications dealt with today”. So much for 24 hours.

Thursday night I did another inspection with a different real estate agent. I’d dealt with this agent on one of the $400 per week apartments that I had put an application in for, and then later decided against it and withdrew the application (when I came to my senses). They had a slightly bigger apartment (42sqm instead of 40sqm) for $315 per week, that was north facing (which I preferred) that didn’t have a car parking space. It was a little bit more than I was hoping, but still reasonable, so I decided to go for it. I was told that since I had already put an application in through them, I didn’t need to put another application in, just to email them to let them know officially I wished to apply for it. They would then do the necessary checks, and pass it by the owner, and they should be able to have an answer for me the next day.

Went back to the office and sent them email, and was told I had the place Friday afternoon. YAY!

Lease start date is Thursday the 14th of August, and Adrian and I have arranged the end of the lease at the current place on Monday the 25th of August. That gives us a week and a half to finalise everything and clean the place properly.

Electricity and gas are a little bit interesting in the new place. Electricity must go through their specified supplier (OC Energy), because that supplier specialises in new apartment blocks and puts their infrastructure in as the apartment block is being built. I’ve looked at their costs and they are considerably cheaper than what I’m paying now so I have no problem sticking with them. The individual apartments don’t have gas (electric oven and cooktop) but share a very large gas hot water heater, and the gas account is merely for the hot water that the apartment uses.

NBN is already connected (Internode had it all sorted within a couple of days ) and I’m not getting a landline phone since I have NBN. Water is sorted as well for the new place.

For the old place I’ve organised the disconnection of the water, gas, electricity, telephone and Foxtel (Cable TV).

I’ve booked my move in for Friday the 15th. Moves have to be booked in with the building manager so they can organise usage of the lifts correctly, and so they don’t have multiple people trying to move in or out of the same building at the same time.

I’m looking forward to it.

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