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Stuff to give away

I have a lot of stuff, and I’m giving some of it away.

Black Bookcase Black Bookcase

Black bookcases: either 1 or 2 of these.

30cm deep, 90cm wide, 179cm high.

Desk Desk

Desk: either 2 or 3 of these.

75cm deep, 180cm wide.

There is also another desk of a different type, 90cm deep,150cm wide.

Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers. I usually cover the top with a towel so I don’t have to look at all those old stickers. 

43cm deep, 89cm wide, 70cm high.

Ikea PAX Wardrobe Ikea PAX Wardrobe

One Ikea PAX wardrobe. I forgot to measure it myself, but according to the Ikea website it should be 60cm deep, 100cm wide and 236cm high. It comes with 2 shelves and a pull out drawer. 

It’s currently in pieces so it can be moved, but even so the end pieces are 60cmx236cm and solid.

Iron Mirror Iron Mirror

Iron Mirror Iron Mirror

Mirror. I think it’s cast iron. It’s heavy and I’ve never been able to hang it up because of rental properties. Hopefully someone wants it.

Armchairs Armchairs

Armchairs Armchairs

Armchairs Armchairs

Armchairs Armchairs

Two armchairs. There is also a matching footstool. Both armchairs have been used as cat scratching posts, so are ratty at the edges. 

One of the chairs has a damaged arm.

White Shelves White Shelves

White Shelves White Shelves

White storage shelves: 2 of.

Bottom half is 43cm deep, top half is 21cm deep. 120cm wide. Both halves are 86cm high, for a total of 172cm high.

In addition:

Two single beds, currently in pieces, but easy to reassemble.

Computer hutch on wheels. 52cm deep at the base, 64cm wide and 146cm high. Has a pull out shelf for the keyboard.

Desk rolling return with two drawers and a filing drawer. It currently lives under one of the desks, so it will fit under a standard desk easily.

Another wardrobe. This one is three pieces. The bottom piece is a set of drawers, the middle piece is the hanging section and the top piece is general storage. The doors of the hanging section have taken a bit of damage, but it still operates fine. Wouldn’t be all that hard to replace the doors with another piece of laminated particle board if someone wanted.

Two dinning tables. Both have taken damage over the years, but are still usable. One’s an extendible table that can seat up to six, the other one looks like it could seat six but due to the leg placement it can really only seat 4.

Vacuum cleaner, though Kim Asher has first dibs on that.

4 handset wireless phone with answering machine. I don’t have a landline phone here, so I have no need of it any more.

I think that’s everything.

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