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Not a good way to end the day.
As some of you may be aware we had a little bit of weather here in Brunswick yesterday (Tuesday). At work we had rain and hail so hard that we had water getting inside via dodgy flashing around one of the windows and hail getting inside due to dodgy roof. Barkly Square shopping centre had to be partially evacuated due to flooding, and when we were there today some of the shops were still shut while they dried the carpets. After it had passed Brunswick Rd looked like a river due to the storm drains not coping.
I was a little bit concerned for how the apartment had fared, but when I got home I could see absolutely nothing had changed other than the watering can had moved from one end of the balcony to the other.
All fine. Or, so I had thought.
Decided to do a little bit of a clean up and move the oil heater I had sitting in my bedroom (which I've used once over here for a grand total of 15 minutes and then turned it off because it was getting too hot) down into the storage cage. I drag it and the empty boxes down there and see water.
There are puddles of water, sitting around the basement. First glance my storage cage looks fine. Second glance shows it isn't. The outer edges were dry, but every else was sitting in a very small amount of water.
End result: Nowhere near as bad as it could have been. 
There were four main piles of boxes, plus other things placed in and around the piles. Three of the piles had plastic crates on the bottom, so they were fine. The box on the bottom of the fourth pile was soggy and had to be unloaded. Thankfully everything inside it was kitchenware, so nothing there had a problem with getting wet. All that stuff is upstairs now.
I threw out an Ikea mirror that I've had for ages that I never got to put up because it was heavy enough to have required a permanent mounting. Also threw out two folding card tables. They all were resting one edge on the concrete floor and had absorbed water.
Threw out an old frame that didn't have anything in it. My university diploma will need to be reframed, but the actual diploma looks fine. I had a framed photo of my parents that was taken by one of the glamour photography places. The frame has had to be tossed, as it had a fabric backing and it had absorbed far too much water but the photo itself looks like it should be fine. I currently have it sandwiched between paper towels to absorb any remaining water.
Thankfully all the other framed artwork I had sitting down there seems to have gotten through it ok. I would have been really upset if the framed The Taxman print by Ursula Vernon had been damaged, but it looks like it was sitting up a slight bit and water didn't touch anything that couple have absorbed it.
Now I'm going to have a shower and go to bed, because I really didn't need that headache to end the day.
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