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Argh! Dilemma!

Argh! Dilemma!

I love the apartment I’m in. It’s awesome. However, I do have 2 issues with it.

Firstly, it is just a smidgen too small. I little bit of extra room, an extra meter longer, or a bit wider, would make a huge difference to the liveability of the place. Going from half a 4-bedroom house to a 1-bedroom apartment is a big change. I’m managing, but it’s not the most comfortable change.

Secondly, is the lack of ventilation in the bedroom. The apartment is a long box. Walk in the door, and the bathroom and laundry is the first door on your right, the bedroom is the second door on the right, and then the hallway opens out into the rest of the living space, with the doors to the balcony at the end. The only access to the outside is the doors to the balcony, and the bedroom is an internal box. Because I have to sleep with the bedroom door closed (I love my cats dearly, but I can’t sleep with them in the bedroom, unfortunately) ventilation becomes an issue, and with the layout it’s very hard to get fresh air into the bedroom.

Today I had my six month routine inspection.

I get along very well with Anne, my real estate agent, and casually mentioned my two gripes with the place. She then mentioned that one of the larger 1-bedroom apartments on the seventh floor is currently available, and has an inspection tonight.

This apartment: http://www.realestate.com.au/property-apartment-vic-brunswick+east-416780233

It’s so tempting.

The 1-bedroom apartments in this building are one of two basic layouts. Most of them match mine, and are a long box, with small variations in layout depending on whether they are at the end of the building (larger) or not. Then there is a small number of the larger ones, which have the bedroom beside the living area, which results in a bigger and better layout, including a bigger balcony, and an actual openable window to the outside in the bedroom.

I can afford it, but I don’t know if I want to afford it, if you know what I mean.

At least the move would be easier, in that both places are in the same building, so it would just be getting stuff to the lift, travelling up, and then into the new place. The vast majority I could do myself, and I would only need help for the large bits.

Inspection is tonight, so I’m going to go and have a look (because Victorian law says they can’t rent to anyone who hasn’t inspected the place) and make sure my memory is accurate. Then, some thinking.

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