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House Descisions

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So, Adrian and I have discussed things, and worked out that it’s going to be cheaper for both of us for us not to share a house together.

The main reason for this is because I have geographical limitations, and he doesn’t. I work in Brunswick and don’t have a car, so anywhere I live needs to have good access to Public Transport that allows me an easy access to work. This means the preferred areas are anywhere along the Upfield train, or along the 1, 8, or 19 trams.

The problem with this is they are old established areas, and tend to be expensive. This means our options for renting are an old place, which means it’s probably not been well maintained (because it’s a rental) which will be basically swapping the problems with this place for problems in another place; or a new place that will be too small, or too expensive.

However, I can get a one-bedroom apartment near work that would end up costing me about the same or less than I pay here (once other costs are factored in), and Adrian can get a different housemate and move further out for less, as all he needs is access to the city.

So, that’s basically what we’ve decided to do.

The problem? I own far too much stuff, and I really need to get rid of most of it. So, I will be getting rid of a lot of furniture over the next short while, most of it for the nominal fee of “you want it, you move it”.

And to be honest, even if I wasn’t moving into a one bedroom apartment, I probably should be getting rid of all of the excess crap anyway.

Wish me luck! (Any and all help gratefully appreciated).

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