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Lets go shopping...

Another week spent spending money, however this time the vast majority was planned spending on stuff I actually needed.

After lots of bills were done (and by lots I mean lots!) and giving back Stephen (paradigmshifty) the last of the money I owed him (he lent me a bit to get the DVD burner and video card, and to get the rest of the Roborally stuff) I had three more bits of money-spending to go.

Firstly I bought myself a new mobile phone. The battery on the old one wasn't holding a charge all that well and would tend to cut out with a "flat" battery whenever it was making a call, and then afterwards turn back on with two or three bars.

So I had two choices, either buy a new battery for the phone, or get a new phone. Battery would have cost $50, but the new phone is free, so I went for the new phone. So far my mobiles have been all Nokia's, from my original 5100, then to the 3310, and now to my new 2100. The only "cost" to this new phone is that I'm back on contract for the next two years, however since I saw no reason that I would have stopped using a mobile, and since I'm paying the same with the new phone as the old, I think it's a good deal.

Second was some new shoes for work. My old pair (some Dr Martin shoes) I've had for at least two or three years, and possibly for as much as five (I can't honestly remember) are causing problems.

They still look fine, but the insides of them are starting to break down, which is begining to make walking any distance in them painful. I might be able to get them re-soled or rebuilt, but I figured I needed new shoes until I got around to doing that (I know myself well enough that it will be ages before I get around to even finding out whether they are fixable).

I ended up getting a pair of Collarado boots, same black as my original Doc's, but with better ankle support. My time spent at the Chiropractor has shown how much I tend to roll my right foot inwards (which is what has caused the problem with the Doc's in the first place) and extra ankle support should do a reasonable job at helping me correct the problem.

The final bit of shopping was the only bit of non-neccessary shopping and that was a quick trip to JB HiFi for a look at DVD's and CD's.

I picked up The Animatrix on DVD, something I've been intending to do for a while, but I decided to wait until it wasn't so riduculasly expensive.

I also picked up two albulms by Live, their latest one, Birds of Pray, and their first one Mental Jewelry which I had never gotten around to picking up. I wasn't intending to get any CD's originally, but when they were $19.99 and $13.99 respectivly, I decided it was a good idea.

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