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A mystery illness in the family...

My Mother has been ill for about three and a half months. I haven't really talked about it simply because there hasn't been much to say.

It started at Easter. Mum and Dad were up at Maroochydore at the Twin Waters Resort for a holiday the two weeks before Easter. Just before coming home, Mum came down with something and Dad had to do all the driving home.

It didn't go away. Since then Mum has just been suffering from chills and fevers ever night (forcing her to change the bed sheets four or five times a night, every night). She's also suffering from muscle aches and pains, and lethargy, plus almost completely lost her sense of taste, though thankfully that's almost completely back (except for chocolate and Coke, they both still taste foul).

They though it was just a miscellaneous bug of some sort at first, but after the first two weeks, they started to be mystified. They took blood sample after blood sample, and had no idea what the problem was, until last week.

The put her in the local hospital for 24 hours observation, and took blood samples every four hours (ugh!). In one of those blood samples they found something.

Mum has been diagnosed with Dengue Fever!

Sort of.

The official verdict is dengue fever, but in reality they still aren't sure. Dengue is supposed to have debilitating headaches as well, which Mum hasn't got, plus the longest for having dengue is 45 days, Mum's over twice that already and it's still not going away.

She's spent most of the last week in Toowoomba at a specialist. This doctor is the leader in Australia in terms of investigative medicine, and he is stumped.

Mum got the weekend off from the tests, and they came down to Brisbane for a visit. We went out and had dinner, chatted, caught up, etc.

According to Mum and Dad, Mum is looking a hell of a lot better than she has been. Which, if it's true, makes me very thankful that I haven't seen Mum since before she came down ill. She was pale, and drawn, and had trouble walking up a slight incline to the restaurant.

Knowing how active my mother is, this forced inactivity would be driving her mad.

More news when I know any.

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