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In case you haven't already seen it at paxford's place, there is the intention of going to the Brisbane National Exhibition (aka The Ekka this Saturday. Entrance cost is $18 for adults - less for concession holders & children

At the moment, the plan so far is for us two to meet some time in the morning, so that we can check out the fashion shows (*drool*), and then meet various people as the day progresses. As Marion put it, the plan is "droolage at fashion shows; taunting of booth holders; eating of various odd but mandatory show Food (mmm.. strawberry sundaes YUM!); paying outrageous sums for show bags and possibly watching our friends make fools of themselves while on the Side-show alley rides".

If you would like to join us for any part of the day/evening (don't forget the fireworks) contact myself, Marion (paxford) or Stephen (paradigmshifty).

A good time will be had by someone.

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