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I hate being ill.

After a reasonably good weekend last weekend, I proceeded to catch a cold, and have been in misery for most of the last week and a half.

So now, my life in point form:
  • I bought Girl Genius by Phil Foglio and Sandman book one (Preludes & Nocturnes) by Neil Gaimen (officialgaiman)

  • Went to the Ekka with Marion (paxford), Stephen (paradigmshifty), Kolya, Sasha, Connare and Scott, where I bought two dragons, some show bags, and other crap.

  • Went to work Monday last week. Attempted to go to work Tuesday last week, and lasted an hour and a half. Didn't go to work Wednesday or Thursday. Went to work Friday feelling crap.

  • They finally know what my mother has got! More on that in another post.

  • Kevin's birthday (today) was celebrated by games and drinking at Will's place on Saturday night.

  • Had dinner with Mum and Dad on Sunday night to celebrate my birthday (next week).

  • My brother's birthday (yesterday), and I gave Mum my present for him, a Coke showbag from the Ekka. Since he's never been to the Ekka, and he loves his Coke, he should enjoy.

  • I rented a parking space at work. Woo! (Be thrilled!).

  • Feeling better, but still feel like crap.

Due to the absolute crappiness I have been feelling, and the current mostly crappy I am now feeling, nothing is happening for my birthday. I'm not currently up to it.

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