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Life has been.

But anyway, it looks like I will be loosing Nicole and Perrin in about two weeks. Loosing Perrin I'm looking forward to.

Loosing Nicole, I'm of two minds about.

Part of me would rather have her still living here. She's easy to get along with, and I do better with someone else in the house. Living alone I can get very insular and withdrawn if I'm not too careful. Sharing costs with someone else is good as well.

The other part of me is screaming "Get the fuck out of my house and give me some peace!"

For those who don't know (or don't remember) the back story: Nicole moved in the beginning of January. We seemed to work well in the house together. Like all cats, she assumed the shape of the container. I have my rules and she had no problems with them.

Perrin is Nicoles boyfriend, originally from New Zealand. I allowed Perrin to stay with us for a little while when he got to Brisbane so he could find his feet, get a job and a place for himself, etc. I was expecting this to take six to eight weeks.

Perrin arrived in Australia on February 22nd. It's been over six months.

I have nothing against Perrin. He's a great guy. I just can't live with him. He's big (not just in size, but in personality), he's loud. I'm getting sick and tired of having to hold onto the computer because the whole house is shaking while they're having sex. I'm getting sick of mindless drivel blaring away on the TV whenever he's home. I'm sick of it not feeling like it my house any more.

Current plans after they leave is live alone for a few months (in peace!) and then worry about getting someone else in.

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