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Lets go shopping...

Aj's likes K-mart.

Aj really likes K-mart when they have a 15% off everything sale, with no-deposit lay-by. K-mart had one of them about six weeks ago and Aj bought a lot.

Total of about $1250 worth of stuff, minus 15% discount means just over $1000. I paid the last of it off last night, and brought my new play toys home.

Lets see, I have:

  • Sony DVD Player (Yay! Aj own a DVD player!)

  • Panasonic Video Player(Need one in the front room)

  • Popcorn Maker (need to replace the one that Wayne broke)

  • Non-stick frying pan (old one died a while ago)

  • Electric Sander (It's one of those little B&D Mouse sanders. It sooo cute!)

  • Jumbo Bean Bag (A blue one, my favourite colour)

  • A professional Wok (Which was actually on a separate lay-by, and was picked up a long time ago and given to Mum as a present)

Of course, this means that Aj got to play with electrical toys last night. Aj had to make sure that everything worked!

Being K-mart, you don't get much technical advise on what they've got. So I bought quality names, and I think I got good machines. So I'm reading the instruction manual for the DVD player (Yes, I read instuctions.) and it says that there is a sticker on the back of the DVD player that says what Region it's limited to.


I look at the back of the DVD player, and sure enough, there's a little sticker with the Region 4 symbol on it.

Double bugger!

Oh well.

Ever the optimist, I put the Region 1 copy of The Labyrinth I'm currently borrowing from Stephen (paradigmshifty) in. It works. I put in Stephen's Region 1 copy of The Dark Crystal in. It works. I put in his Region 4 copy of Cats in. It works. I put in my Region 4 copy of The Mummy in. It works. I put in the Region 2 DVD sampler disk that came with the machine. It works.

I really think the people at Sony need to fix their documentation.

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