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Another week in review

Just finished watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy again. Not as good on the bitchy comments, but a really good show over all.

However, looking at their website (a blast in and of itself. Have a look at the bio's!) I notice we in Australia seem to be getting them out of order. First we had Brian S (episode 101) then Andrew L (episode 105) and this week Vincent T (Episode 106). Odd.

Now, last week was a fairly quiet week with only games night on Wednesday (and a fairly vicious game of Settlers of Cattan) to get me out of the house. The weekend however...

I finished work early Friday and drove up to Toowoomba (about an hour and a half away) to spend the weekend with the family. Mum had a doctors appointment in Toowoomba on Friday afternoon, and since it's a four hour drive for them they decided to make a weekend of it.

So, Friday night was Mum, Dad, Glenn and myself at Lone Star for dinner (Hmmm... steak...) and then to the movies for Pirates of the Caribbean. Even though I had already seen it, I recommended that we see it because it was one I thought was worth seeing again. They enjoyed it, that's for sure.

Since this was my second time watching it I noticed something I didn't the first time about the opening credits. Namely the fact there wasn't any! You get the name of the movie, and then straight into it.

Saturday was spent doing a little bit of shopping and just hanging around the motel. Dinner Saturday night was at Sizzler, and then off to the movies again for Tomb Raider 2.

I have to say I was very disappointed with TR2. Now, if you haven't seen TR or TR2 don't read this next bit.

The plot for the original Tomb Raider was very simple. Find the clock, clock get's stolen, find message from father, go to first point and get the first part of the triangle, go to the second point, retrieve the other bit, and save the world.


TR2 they have far too much in it, and as a result they only lightly touch on anything. It's a bad case of "We're here; no, we're here; now we're here; and here; and here..." The entire is too shallow.

I felt like the interaction between Lara and Terry was a very bad attempt at making the move feel like it had more depth than it really had. To me that left the ending as just wrong. Terry's personality was just so chop'n'change, and what was the answer to why didn't he shoot Reiss?
However, all that said I still enjoyed it. It was good entertainment, and the actor who played Terry was yummy! (Those abs!) Plus the guy who played the head of the bad guys muscle-group was also yummy!

Sunday we all left Toowoomba reasonably early, after I ran Jeff through a car wash, and I got home my 11:00 am.

Now I have two complaints about my weekend. Firstly, sleeping in a single motel bed has caused all sorts of back pain! Of course I didn't get a chance to make an appointment with the chiropractor today.

Secondly I had to put up with my brother. He's a selfish, rude prat!

Plans for the next week include the Weird Al concert tomorrow night (eek! Hazardous to my health!) and Livid on Saturday (also hazardous to my health, but for different reasons.

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