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I hate Microsoft...

When one's nominal work hours are from 10am to 6pm, leaving work at 10:45pm is the sign that something went wrong.

I stayed back late with Chika (his name is Stephen, but I don't want to confuse him with the other one) so I could get some work done on the server after everyone else had gone.

Those who are not computer minded may want to skip this section.

At work we have a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 server acting as our Domain Controller. The little fellow has been working away at that job for about four years by now, maybe more, and been performing happily at that. However, it's only a Dual Processor PII 350, so it's getting a bit long in the teeth.

About a month ago we bought a new machine that was going to take its place. The new machine is a Dual Xeon running Windows Server 2003, and is a much more powerful machine than the old one. Over the last month I've been gradually moving all the data from the old machine to the new one.

At this point all the data is on the new machine, and all the old machine is doing is acting as the Domain Controller, processing logins, and the like.

Now, to swap over the Domain Controller all I have to do is make the new machine a Backup Domain Controller, so that it gets a copy of all the user information that the old machine has, then promote it to the Primary Domain Controller (meaning the old machine gets demoted to a Backup Domain Controller) and that's it.

Simple, right? Theoretically yes, but in practice... I have no idea what the problem was, but the new machine could not find the Domain to connect to, even though we log into the new machine via that very same Domain.

After almost five hours beyond my usual departure time we had proved that the current backup and restore procedure works well, but apart from that not much else.

So I now have a really bad headache, my back is playing up badly, and I have to go back to work tomorrow and work out what the hell is going on.

Not happy Jan!

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