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New Years Eve Party!

Ok people, I am having a New Years Eve Party at my place this year, and you are all invited.

It's not going to be anything big, mainly just the Poker crowd, but I live close to the cliffs, so that if anyone gets adventurous they could try and make their way down to the river side to watch the fireworks. Or you could just sit in my backyard and watch the ones that are high enough to be seen from there.

I am intending to have the pool inflated and filled in case anyone heats up too much and needs to cool down. Just remember, it's only a small pool.

The only problem will be that parking may be an issue, as I am close to the fireworks. So, if you don't want to drive, talk to me before hand and we can probably arrange lifts.

I am probably going to be taking the day off work, so turn up anytime.

If you are interested (and going to be in Brisbane) let me know and I'll give you details.

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