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Touched, heart and soul.

I was going to do a few other LJ posts, but I'll get to them later. This one takes precedence.

I got home this evening after doing a bit of shopping (which I'll talk about in a later LJ entry) a bit before eight. I checked the mail, and to my surprise I found a small package in the mail box. Normally the only packages I get are when I go ebay shopping, and I got the last ebay package earlier this week (also in another LJ entry).

I checked the return address, and it was from mijbril. Then I remembered, he said he was send a "care package" (his term).

Due to the fact I had a lot of things to do before I was going to allow myself to relax, and I did not want to deal with a gift from him in a hurry, I put it in the "to be dealt with" pile and got on with things.

A bit before 11 I finally got to it.

I open the package and inside is a DVD, and a note. The DVD is The 69 Eyes Helsinki Vampires. If you have been reading Mij's LJ, you'll know how much this band means to him.

My first thought was "I'm glad I didn't rush this", I put it on, turned the volume up loud, and settled into the chair.

So far all I've had a chance to watch/listen is the live concert (Live at Tavastia). If I didn't have to get up early tomorrow (another LJ post) I'd go through the rest as well.

My first thought on watching it was "Well, we definitely know who's winning the next few games of Gother Than Thou". My second thought was "these guys are good."

I think I was expecting hard and heavy. What I got was black velvet: soft, smooth, dark and deep. So far I think my favourite songs would be The Chair and Brandon Lee, though I'm going to have to watch/listen to it more, so I can really get to know the music.

I think I also understand Mij a lot better. Hearing this music and seeing this band means I think I know where he's coming from, how he's thinking, and more importantly, why. A lot of the things he's posted in his Live Journal before this now make a lot more sense.

Mij, thank you for thinking so much of me that you wanted to share such a large part of your soul. I am touched, hear and soul.

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