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Eight days does more than make one weak...

I have been busy, very busy. I've been running around flat doing things for over a week. Lets start doing the recap.

Wednesday, last week: Work, and then the normal games night at Will's place. The only difference is that since I wasn't going to be there the next week (ie, yesterday) I left most of the games there so they could play them with out me. The only game I didn't leave behind was Roborally, and that was because it cost me about $600 to get, and there was no way I was leaving it there without me.

Thursday, last week: Work again, and then in to the city to meet with Stephen (paradigmshifty) to visit Allans Music. They were having a catalogue sale, and we were both interested in doing some shopping.

Stephen was interested in a recording unit (it's more than that, but if you are interested go and bug him) and I was interested in something.

When I was a kid, Mum had an Organ that used to sit in the front room. When Mum decided to play she was very good, but she rarely played it. I used to sit and play with it on occasion, even to the extent of teaching myself a couple of simple song, including When The Saints Go Marching In. That was the entire extend of my music skill as a child.

I realized a while ago that I wanted to make music. To do that I needed a musical instrument. Allans seemed like a good place to start.

There are four instruments I can see myself playing. The first is keyboards of some sort, since I did have some skill in it. Second was the guitar, but that's mainly because when people think of playing a musical instrument the vast majority think of the guitar. It is certainly the most well known instrument. Third is the flute, simply because I find it the most elegant musical instrument I have ever heard. Fourth is the Saxophone, and to understand why I like the sax, go and watch the movie The Lost Boys.

Of these four, the one I thought I'd have the best chance on would be a keyboard of some sort. So, after talking with someone who knew what they were talking about, I ended up buying a Casio CTK-671, plus a keyboard stand, and two books for me to teach myself how to play it.

After going home and finding the parcel from mijbril I didn't get to play with it much, and watched the DVD instead.

Friday I had to get up early. I was putting Jeff, my car, in for a service. That meant making sure that I got over to the service centre by 8 am so I could get their shuttle bus into the city so I could get to work. I got there in plenty of time except for one problem. No body had informed me that the Albion service centre (the one I thought I had booked in for) had closed, and everything was now being done at the Kedron service centre.

I made it, just.

Friday was not a good day at work. I don't wake up well, and forcing myself to get up that early is possible, however I just pay for it for the rest of the day. By the end of the day I was grumpy, tired, sore (massive headache) and generally not in a good mood. I left a bit early, and wandered into the city early. First stop in the city was Allans again. When I had grabbed the books for teaching myself keyboard I had thought I had grabbed book 1 and 2 of the series, when I had actually grabbed book 2 and another book in a different series. Since the other book was on keyboard chords it was one I wanted to get eventually anyway, however I still needed to get book 1.

I also stopped and caught a bit of the entertainment going on in the Mall. Every year Brisbane City Council get a lot of street entertainment organised for the Mall and surrounds at Christmas time. This year is no exception, and Festivus seems like a lot of fun.

I then went to the Post Office and posted off all the overseas Christmas cards, and then got picked up by the shuttle bus and taken back to my car.

Friday night I flaked out, however I did start practicing on the keyboard. I still remember a lot from when I was a kid, so it's going ok.

Saturday was shopping. First to the hardware shop to buy myself a pitchfork and some more grass seed (yes, I'm getting domestic!), then to the cheap shop to get some Christmas decorations stuff and some Christmas paper.

I also bought Linkin Park Live in Texas from another shop.

Saturday night was over to Tanya (fuzzymoonchild) and Daniel's place for dinner and games with them and Kevin and Will. Will brought my games bag with him, and we had a game of Illuminati (brought by Kevin) and Settler of Catan.

Sunday was more shopping. This time to one of the other cheap shops for Secret Santa gifts for my boss and for tomorrow night, plus some more Christmas decoration stuff, and some sheets of stickers.

Sunday night was a night off.

Monday was work, and then hurry home and getting ready, because I had a date. Yes, you heard that right, I had a date.

About a month ago I started using Gaydar, a gay meeting point, introduction site, etc. I've met a few nice people on there, and Monday night I went out to physically meet Scott.

We ended up having dinner at a little coffee shop in West End called Tempo. The night went ok except for the fact I was not myself. I was tired and sore, and that meant I wasn't acting like I usually do. I was quiet, and Scott ended up carrying most of the conversation.

I think we both had a nice evening anyway. We'll see what happens from here.

Tuesday was going out for dinner yet again. This time it was over to Nicole and Perrin's place. I get there a bit past 7pm, and they are in a right royal row (again!) so I decide the best course of action is to give them both a hug (individually, of course) and get the hell out of the firing line.

As a result I didn't really go do much Tuesday night, however my evening ended up being very bust anyway. It seems I had accidentally insulted my best friend, and Tuesday night was spent fixing up my fuck-up. Oh well.

Wednesday I had to leave work early so I could get home, eat, get changed, and then get out to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre for a concert by Live.

I was running a bit late, however I still managed to get there by 7:15. Doors opened at 7:30, and the first of the support acts came on at 7:45. The act was an Australian band called Epicure. They only did three songs but they were actually quite good.

However, I think someone needs to revoke their Metaphor Usage License. The second song was the worst use of metaphor in a song I have ever come across. Using war as a metaphor for love is possible, but not like that! That said, the third song came up with an interesting line: "breathing through my soul".

They finished at 8, and then we got to watch the roadies pull down the first act ready for the second "support" act, Train.

Train started about 8:25 and played for just under an hour. Wow, they were good. The lead singer has an amazing voice, and a hell of a lot of talent in using it. They all were also very good performers. The lead singer wore a white long sleeve shirt and white pants and knew exactly how to play to the crowd. To be perfectly honest, if that was all for the evening, and I had to go home at that point I would have been happy, and would have considered it money well spent.

Luckily there was more. Train finished at about 9:15, and we again watched the roadies dismantle things. It was kind of interesting to watch, because each act was getting more and more of the stage. Epicure only had the front section of the stage, because everything else was set up behind them for Train and Live. Once Epicure had finished and their stuff had been dismantled, Train had the front and middle of the stage to use, because all of Live's stuff was still behind them.

Live had the entire stage, and from about 9:45 onwards, they used every bit of it!

The first concert I had ever gone to was Live, back in May of 1997, and the vast majority of the audience in this one was younger than I was back then. Most of them I would pick as being in university, or possibly younger. I would have to say that I was within the oldest five percent of the audience!

However it did mean that the audience had a hell of a lot of energy. Believe me, they needed it!

Simply put, Live kicked ass! They did a mix of material, not just from the latest album, but from all of them, including the earliest. They played for over an hour, and "finished" their set with Overcome. Of course, since the main stadium lights didn't come on after they left the stage we knew they were due back for an encore, and they did.

They did four more songs, including my all time favourite Lightning Crashes. Then it was over.

By this stage I had been on my feet (I was in the general admission section) for over three and a half hours. I was in a world of pain, but it didn't matter, it was a good pain!

Once I got outside and had a sit down for a while I was feeling much better. Also, waiting for a while before leaving is a good idea there, as the surrounding roads don't cope all that well with the leaving traffic.

I of course had very little hearing by this stage, but I didn't care.

I have three more big events coming up. Saturday the 10th of January I'm going to Evanescence, at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Sunday the 18th of January is The Big Day Out at the Gold Coast Parklands, and Thursday the 19th of February is A Perfect Circle, also at the Brisbane Convention Center.

Today, apart from staying back at work for an extra hour to add a new hard drive to the server has been a quiet one.

Tomorrow, Friday, a group of us are going to Sava Sava for a Pre Christmas Dinner. The group includes (as far as I am aware) Tim and Susan, Daniel and Tanya, Phil and Angie (angie78), Will, Kevin and possibly others I am not aware of.

Susan is organising a Secret Santa type of thing where everyone has to buy a cheap gift (no more than $10) to be distributed at random to others. I'm not going to say what I got, as some of the people who are going to be there read this, and I don't want to give the game away.

Saturday night is a party at Blair and Lisa's place, but that's too far aware for me to even care about.

I think that is a big enough post, so good night.

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