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Summer is here...

It's definitely summer. I can tell that because we've had our first suburb wide blackout for the season.

Kangaroo Point is on the same power grid as East Brisbane and Fortitude Valley. In these three suburbs alone there are a vast quantity of relatively new apartments, ie built within the last ten years.

The problem with this is the power grid can't always cope, and in summer when everyone has the air-conditioning on, we occasionally loose power.

That happened today. I woke up at about 11 or so to absolutely no power at all. First stop is to check the fuses, and they were all fine, which meant it wasn't anything to do with this house.

A quick phone call the Energex info line showed the extent of the problem. They listed about two dozen affected suburbs, from Cannon Hill and Balmoral in the south, through the Valley and Spring Hill, all the way up to Wooloowin and Enogerra in the North.

The power came back on about midday, but I consider this to be the first on a series of blackouts we're going to get over the whole summer.

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