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Christmas is over...

Well, the good news is that I survived Christmas.

The bad news is that my internet connection at home didn't. Due to uploads beyond my control (it wasn't my fault, honest!) Optus has decided that my uploads were excessive and negatively impacted other customers in the area, and as a result I got suspended for seven days.

The good news is that the suspension started on the 23rd, the day I left for St George, so I should be back up and running on the internet this evening.

So, a quick recap of Christmas:

The drive out to St George on Tuesday, and the drive back on Sunday was a pain, but it was quicker than it used to be as over half the distance is a 110 km/hr zone. Of course I drove that section at about 120 to 130, so that bit took less than the normal three hours.

For Christmas I got a new printer/scanner/fax/copier (Lexmark X6170) from Mum and Dad, and a 256Mb USB memory stick from my brother. See, they do love me, they gave me geek toys for Christmas!

I am pleased to report a 400% increase in the number of Christmas cards I received this year, meaning I got 5 instead of the 1 I got last year. I got one from work (same as last year), plus another from one of my work mates, an e-card from greenglowgrrl, plus one each from the_metatron (Thanks John) and stormwind (Thanks Martin).

Just a reminder to local Brisbane people, I am having a New Years Eve gathering at my place tomorrow. If you are not working on the day you are welcome to turn up any time from 10:30 am for games (I have new ones!), or just that night for the gathering. The wading pool will be filled, the toy golf set will most likely be used, I have watermelon and rockmelon from St George (tasty and free!) plus miscellaneous other nibblies. I'll most likely be making muffins tonight, and I think Byron said he was going to try and make an Apple and Rhubarb crumble ( I have no idea why).

If you want to come please let me know (cause I'm a nosy bugger) but don't think you can't come if you haven't let me know before hand. You'll probably want to let me know before hand anyway so you can get my address.

As for the new games: Recently Mum went through a lot of the cupboards at her place and sorted out all the old games and puzzles. Some she kept, but the ones she didn't want my brother and I got to keep. So, I have some new ones, or to be more accurate, some old games that I haven't had before.

See you New Years Eve, or elsewhen.

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