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The adventures of the non-geek!

Being a computer geek, I am periodically amazed by the actions of those who don't take computer for granted. Take today's adventure.

All the people reading this should know what a screenshot is. Some people use fancy programs to do it (I myself use Paint Shop Pro), but even with a basic computer system you can still hit the print screen key, and then paste the picture into Paint or Word or something like that.

Now, if an error occurs with the software we produce, we ask the people who got the error to take a screen shot of all the appropriate screens and send them to us, so we can work out what went wrong.

I'm sure you can work out where this is going.

This one user had a slightly different interpretation of screenshot than we did. When the error came up, he took out his digital camera, and took photo's of his computer.

So, as a result we know he was using a Toshiba laptop, has a coffee mug with love hearts all over it, uses a Michelin mouse mat, has a rather ornate letter holder, and we have a reasonably good picture of the guy who was sitting opposite him at the table. We also have a severe display of camera flash on the LCD screen, and a barely readable message box on screen.

Oh dear...

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