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To sleep, perchance to dream...

I'm currently at the end of a week and a half run of bad sleep.

I will admit the start of the run was my own fault. Firstly with New Years Eve going to bed early wasn't an option.

On New Years Day I got a visit from Kolya (draquin) who terrorized my frangipani trees for lots and lots of cuttings, and then by Daniel and Tanya (fuzzymoonchild) because Tanya accidentally left her mobile at my place the night before.

Friday night/Saturday morning was Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Gold Class session, so I didn't get to bed on Saturday morning until about 5am. Saturday was spent pottering around the place, taking down all the Christmas decorations and putting them away.

Saturday night just as I was about to go to bed, I got distracted, and let me say we had a good time and I feel better now, ok? We might has got an hour or two of sleep is we were lucky.

Sunday was spent in that dreamy haze that is sleep depravation (and other things). Going to bed Sunday night I was hoping for some sleep.

Unfortunately, someone decided to turn the temperature way up. Monday was the start of the really, really hot weather. This is very bad for me.

Firstly, the house I live in is designed to catch the breeze. If there is the slightest breeze it will move through the house and cool it down. We haven't had much breeze this week, so not good. The other problem is that the breezes we get tend to got from the front of the house to the back. This is good for the main living areas, but not for my bedroom as it opens onto the back of the house.

Second problem with the heat is that I don't have anywhere to park my car at home that is under cover. This means my car is exceedingly hot when I get into it to drive to work. To help and cool it off, I usually hose it off before I open it up. It's disturbing when steam comes off the car when you do this.

There is one consolation to the heat though. On the way to work I have to drive past the site of two new apartments that are getting built, there's another one across the road from work, and an old hotel is getting converted to units that I have to walk past whenever I am going to or from work. This means lots of buff workmen not wearing shirts. The heat is still not pleasant, but it's better than nothing.

The hear means that I have not slept well all this week. Oh well.

Daniel (fuzzymoonchild's husband) is currently doing some contract work where I work rebuilding the mail server. The old mail server here (running linux) was a problem in that no one here really knew much about it. Daniel is building a new one for us on another machine we have, properly set up, and something that we will know how to use.

Daniel started on it Monday afternoon, arriving here at about 4:30. I ended up leaving for home at 10:45. Tuesday night was a night spent at home, and Wednesday night was games at Will's place as usual. Then on Thursday night (last night) Dan was back again finishing off the initial setup. This time I didn't leave until 12:45 this morning!

However, I'm not worried about the extra hours. Since I am a contractor, I get paid for the hours I work, and extra hours are a good thing as I recover from Christmas.

Bugger, I just got told that there was a stuff up in my getting paid this week, and the money that I was expecting today, I won't get until Monday. Grr. That's going to make things annoying.

Games on Wednesday night was good. We had the most people we've had in a while (11 all up I think), including a "new" person (Lee, an old uni friend of Will and Byron) and a very rare visit from the Phil and Angie (angie78). Fun. I didn't end up leaving Will's place until nearly 2am, as it was so hot that I did not expect any sleep anyway.

Future plans: Tonight, going to Will's place to play BattleTech. Steve, his house mate, is back in town (spend most of the time in Japan) so we're getting in some games while he's here. I have never played BattleTech before, so we'll see how badly I go.

Tomorrow night is the Evanescence concert, which I am looking forward to. It's also Tanya's birthday party, so I'm going to try and get to the party after the concert.

Monday night is back over to Will's place to play Magic with Steve. And to all the people who know what I'm talking about, yes, I play Magic, but I didn't inhale, ok? Last lot of cards I ever bought was the Homelands expansion, so I am definitely not up to date. Steve's got more recent cards, but not that much more.

I hope I get a decent nights sleep tonight.

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