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Hearing loss? What hearing loss?

I don't think my ears are talking to me again.

Another concert again this evening, this time A Perfect Circle.

I was running a bit late, so I didn't get to the venue until 7:40, where the performance was supposed to start at 7:30. It didn't.

This was another one at the Convention Centre's Great Hall. Last time I was there (Evanescence) they had the seats down, and a standing area in the middle. This time the seats were up, and everything was a standing area. This meant everyone was going in a single entrance, and since they were doing a pat-down search on everyone, this took some time.

The reason for the pat-down search was the list of things you weren't allowed to take in. No camera's (still or video), audio recorders, knives, metal chains, spikes, glowsticks, light emitting devices, etc.

So, I get there and park the car, and go upstairs. Where I arrive is about half way along the main concourse. The line to go in goes past this point. So I walk all the way past the entrance to the ticket collection booth/cloak room to pick up my ticket. I then walk all the way back to get to the end of the line (which has grown in the meantime). After a fairly long wait in line (though the line was moving fairly fast, it was just a very long line) I finally get to the front and the pat down.

I did the smart thing and pulled everything out of my pockets before I got there, so that made it easier. So the security guard does the pat-down (and before the perverts in the audience get a chance, no, he wasn't cute. Unfortunately) and then checks the stuff I've got in my hand. Wallet and ticket are fine, as is my phone (after a quick check to make sure it's not one of the models with an inbuilt camera).

Unfortunately, my car key isn't fine. It's on a little key ring with a miniature computer mouse on it, and the mouse has a little button on it that makes it light up. This means it counts as a light emitting device, and isn't allowed in. Bugger! So, I had to go back to the ticket collecting boot/cloak room to drop it into the cloak room. However, the good news is that I didn't have to go all the way to the back of the line. I went back to the same security guard, he re-did the pat down and I was in.

I got into the Great Hall at about 8:30.

I have no idea who the support act was, as I got to experience about 2 minutes of their act. As far as I could tell, they didn't actually start playing until about 8:00 anyway.

Break down and set up took about half an hour, and then A Perfect Circle started. Again, this wasn't a concert, this was a performance. These guys know what they are doing and they do it well.

In a lot of ways they were very anonymous in the act. Most of the lighting was from behind, so a lot of the time all we could see from the audience was a silhouette. In fact that's all we got of Maynard (lead singer) for the entire first song. He started the performance in a curtained off area with a number of different spotlights behind him projecting onto the curtains. Neat!

As for the music, I find A Perfect Circle hard to describe. It has a very mixed sounds, which is understandable considering all the members are members of other bands as well, but it also has a very distinct sound, encompassing all that. A similar sound to Tool (again, understandable as Maynard James Keenan, lead singer, is also the lead singer of Tool) but not as twisted, very heavy, and definitely loud, but also fairly mellow. I think the best genre I could give it is solid rock.

However, who introduces a song with the line: "The song sounds better with your pants off." Maynard does!

The fans however... What is it about this sort of gig that turns people selfish assholes? When I go to this sort of thing I find a position to stand and I stay there. However, lots of people seemed to think that it was best if they kept on moving around and getting in everyone's road. I lost track of the number of times where people decided that the best place to stand was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, and then proceed to jump around like an epileptic hyena until they decided to go elsewhere and bug someone else.

However, over all it was worth it.

They finished about 10:30, so it was a quick run back to the cloak room to get my car keys, and then down to the car park, and a 15 minute drive to get out of the car park (the Convention Centre doesn't cope all that well when that many people are trying to leave at once).

Now at home. Ears still aren't talking to me. Oh well.

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