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Hot, damn hot!

Today has to be the most uncomfortable day I can remember, ever.

The Brisbane locals may want to skip this post, as all I am going to do is talk about the weather.

Today has been a record breaking day in terms of how hot it is. Saturday's minimum was 28.8 C (83.8 F), the highest low on record for February. The high was 40.8 C (105.4 F), the second highest high for February on record. The highest on record was 40.9 C (105.6 F) sometime in February 1925.

It's currently nearly 3 in the morning, and the official reading at 2:30 was 28.9 C (84.0 F) with 85% humidity.

Please note, these are the official readings. It was probably hotter than that in a lot of places.

The good news is that the forecast says that we are over the worst of it. The bad news is that the cool change won't actually come through until Monday night, so we are in for a few more days of horrendous temperatures before things get comfortable. Weather reports indicate a maximum of 39 (102) for Sunday, 36 (97) for Monday, and after the "cool" change, 31 (89) for Tuesday and 28 (82) for Wednesday.

I wonder if I could persuade the landlord to install air-conditioning?

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