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No posts of substance lately.

I'm currently feeling very depressed.

I'm sick and tired of always being in pain. I'm sick and tired of waking up in the morning and taking a couple of hours to get out of bed because I hurt and I'm too tired to work out why the hell I'm awake. I'm sick and tired of have a messy kitchen because it hurts too much to stand at the sink and do the dishes, I'm sick and tired of having things all over the floor because it hurts too much to bend over and pick them up. I'm sick and tired of not having the money to do what I want because I'm not able to work as many hours as I want to work. I'm sick and tired of going out and not enjoying myself because every move reminds me of pain. I'm sick and tired of not doing all the things I want to do on the computer because working the long hours that I want to work hurts. I'm sick and tired of being tired.

And you know what depresses me the most? I've been going to the Chiropractor for a bit over a year now, and I am a hell of a lot better than I was when I started, and for some reason that depresses me even more.

Don't worry though. This will pass.

I am a manic/depressive, and this is just one of the depressive swings. It will pass, and then I'll be my usual happy self. However I just want the pain to stop!

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