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Hair today...

I need to find a new hairdresser.

I've been going to the same place for about the last three years now. More importantly, not just the same place, but the same guy for that long.

My hair is cut in a flat-top, a hair cut that takes a fair bit of skill to do. Shannon was good at it, skilled, and reasonably fast too. So, I make an appointment two weeks ago for a hair cut and ask for Shannon, and get told that Shannon has run off and joined the police force.

While I have nothing but admiration for his career change, that kind of leaves me in a bit of an annoying position.

When I was told that he was no longer working there, I made an appointment with another of their hairdressers. This was a mistake. Not only was she slow, but she also wasn't very good.

A flat-top, by definition, is supposed to end up being flat on top (makes sense?). The front dipped down (which she said was as a result of the way my hair was, however Shannon never had that problem) and there was a spot that stuck up. I pointed out the bit that stuck up, and she trimmed a different section. I pointed it out again, and she got closer to the problem, but still missed. At about that point I gave up, smiled, paid my money and left.

It's been less than two weeks and already my hair is looking very messy and shapeless. Usually this doesn't happen until four or five weeks after the hair cut. Needless to say I won't be going back there again.

This leaves my with three choices.

1) Find a new hairdresser that can do a good flat-top. Hard to do, as I don't want to go through 40 million bad haircuts just to try and find the one person in Brisbane who can do it properly.
2) Change hair styles. However, I have no idea what would look good with my hair.
3) Forget about hair cuts completely, and just let my hair grow long. I've never had it long before, so I have no idea whether I'll be able to persevere long enough for it to happen.

Grumble! Suggestions anyone?

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