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I am still alive

Yes, I am still alive.

A combination of too busy, and not physically up to it has kept my LJ posting to a minimum.

The reason I've been too busy is that this time in four days, I will be half way (or more) to Melbourne.

Again, I'm going to Melbourne over Easter to the Conquest Roleplaying Convention. And, again, I am running a game there. Also, again, Stephen (paradigmshifty) is also running stuff there. Well, actually it probably would be more accurate to say that between the two of us, we're running almost half of the freeforms (5 out of 11).

You see, last year when they called for submissions, I sent in the details for the game that I was going to run, we sent in the details for the game we were going to run, and Stephen couldn't make up his mind on which game to submit so he sent details of three games and told them to take their pick. Their pick was, of course, all three.

So, as a result, I am running Friday Night Poker Club, we are running Goodies Rule, KO, KO, KO, OK, KO! and he's running Garbage In, Garbage Out, Toontown Meat Market and Village on the Sand. I, of course, will be helping him run his games, and he will be helping me run mine, and Scott's coming with us and will be helping both of us.

Out of 13 sessions over the Easter weekend, we're running something in 7 of the sessions, and I have a feeling, probably more than that.

Oh dear.

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