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I'm currently in a very depressed mood. It will pass, but for the moment I'm feeling very blah!

I know what's causing it. A number of things actually.

Firstly, I just came home from holiday's, so there's the inevitable let down afterwards. I usually only see the people down there once a year, so I always feel crappy afterwards since it will be about another year until I see them again. However, it may be slightly different this year, as a friend down in Melbourne is turning 21 in October and she has invited me and Stephen (paradigmshifty) down to the party. It may be possible, but we'll wait and see.

Second thing is the state of my health. Being on holidays I was expecting to be feeling physically like crap when I got back, what with 20 hour drive each way, strange hotel beds and being on my feet so much while I was there, but I got home feeling pretty good.

However, within a day of getting back, and getting back into my usual activities I felt like crap, with my back and neck out more than I am.

Which leads me to believe that a lot of the problem is the environment I am dealing with here. First problem is my car. Jeff is a lovely car, but too small for me (He's a Hyundai Excel, for those who don't know). 20 hours driving both ways wasn't a problem, once I got out of the automatic driving slouch I get into when I drive Jeff. Stephen's Rav4 had a lot more room, and as a result I could (and did) sit up straight, so no need to slouch like I have to with Jeff.

Second problem seems to be how I sleep. As far as I can tell my pillow's are too tall. While away I was using the standard cheap, thin, hotel pillow. As a result I could sleep on my back without being uncomfortable. However, now that I'm at home I'm using my own pillows (which are thicker) I seem to automatically roll to the side, which means that I tend to wake up in knots.

Third environmental issue seems to be my computer workstation here at work. I don't know what's wrong with it, but I have a feeling something is. Does anyone know how a computer/desk/etc should be arranged for best ergonomic layout?

Of those three things, new pillows can be bought, hopefully fixing that problem, and I can rearrange my desk at work, hopefully fixing that problem. The other problem, the car, won't be fixed until later this year, but I am intending to buy myself a new car hopefully by my birthday, but by Christmas at the latest.

Third of my depressants is the state of my finances. I just came back from holidays, so of course I am broke and will be for another couple of weeks at least. It happens, and it will pass, but it always tends to get me down for a while. I didn't get to save up as much money before the holiday this time, so I'm really broke at the moment.

Fourth is the bad situations of those I care about. Some of my friends are not in a good state, and that always hurts me, plus there's my parents.

Mum and Dad have not had a very good last couple of years. In 2002 Dad had a quintuple heart bypass (yes, that means 5). Last year Mum had her "mystery illness" which was later (much later) diagnosed as Giant Cell Arteritus which she's still recovering from. Plus the drought out there has not lifted, and as a result it looks like no one is going to buy the business off Mum before she retires, and the business will have to be closed, most likely end of this financial year (June 30). Then settlement on the retirement home is December 15th, so they'll want to have the house sold by then so they can move.

Things haven't been going well for them lately, so they are currently enjoying a nice holiday on the Gold Coast. Or at least they were enjoying things until last Friday when someone broke into their room and stole stuff.

Stolen was Mum's laptop, Mum's palm-top (which contained all of Mum's business and personal information), my brother's palm-top, and about $700 in cash.

While they are insured, it's still a big pain, especially with all the personal information Mum keeps on her Palm. Usually it would be password protected, but...

Mum, Dad and Glenn (my brother) have a rather large book collection between them. Mum and Dad will not reread books they've already read, so usually what happens is that Mum and Dad buy a book, they each read it, and then give it to Glenn for his collection. With all the books they have, they store all of the titles on a little database on the palm-tops. The day before the break in, Mum and Dad were at a second hand book-store on the coast buying books, Mum with her Palm, Dad with Glenn's. Since they were there for a couple of hours (they take their book-buying seriously) Mum took the password off hers, so she wouldn't have to enter it every time she turned the machine on, and of course she hadn't gotten around to putting the password back on because they were intending to do more book buying.

This means that Mum has had to go and cancel all of her credit cards, and all the rest. Not fun while on holidays.

However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. The good news is that their insurance policy replaces the stolen items with a current equivalent. Since Mum's Palm was the top of the line when she bought, she'll be getting one of the top of the line one's to replace it, most likely a Palm Tungsten T3 (I am so jealous!). Glenn will probably get a Palm Zire 71 (with in built digital camera and MP3 playback). The laptop will most likely be a top of the line model as well, since it was when it was bought.

Oh well.

I'd like to apologise for this, but there are times when ranting about things helps, and I think it does in this case.

In good news, Mum and Dad are going up to the Sunshine Coast for a week starting on Saturday. Current plan is that I'm driving up there on Saturday, and I'm going to spend Saturday and Sunday with them, coming home on Monday (which is a public holiday).

I should be feeling better by then.

Other good news is that next weekend (1st and 2nd May) is the BIG Weekend, a roleplaying convention up here in Brisbane. Some of the Melbourne people (Richard Allan, and Brendan Roberts I think) are coming up for the weekend, so I'll be able to see them again.

*hugs* to everyone who read this far. Thanks.

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