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I did some washing over the weekend (as you do) and didn't get around to putting everything away, so some pillow cases were left (neatly folded) on the table next to the dryer, near the back door. I then went to bed.

I woke up this morning, and wandered out of my room and noticed the back door was ajar, and one of the pillow cases was on the floor. I figure that I hadn't closed the door properly last night, and the possums had gotten in again.

So I wander around the house, doing the morning thing, and eventually get ready to leave.

I grab my keys (both sets), the mobile, both sets of glasses (sunnies and distance for night driving), my watch, my wallet, err, my wallet? Where's my wallet?

Hmm, must have misplaced it somewhere. Start putting things into my bag. Put in my work folder, my lunch box is in there, slip my night glasses into there case and put them in, one of the handheld's isn't in there because I used it over the weekend. It should be on the dining room table. It's not.

Hmm, wallet was supposed to be on the table, as was one of the handhelds. Neither are.


Back door was open, with a pillowcase on the floor in the door to stop it slamming and making noise. Wallet and handheld is gone.

Which means, as far as I can tell, someone walked into the house and stole them while I was sleeping. Not happy.

Because I only noticed as I was about to leave I haven't had a chance to do a complete look through of the house, but as far as I can tell all that is gone is my wallet and the handheld (which was the worse of the two that I had with me).

I've lost about $80 to $90 or so, my entry card to parking at work (which will cost $50 to replace) and all my cards. It's canceling all my cards and waiting for them to turn up again that's the most annoying thing. Oh, and not actually having a wallet. I got money out of my account at the bank (I like Suncorp, they are very friendly) so I have money, just no where to put it.


And before anyone says anything about it, yes, the back door was unlocked, however I leave it unlocked for a very good reason. In case of fire I want to be able to get out of the house as quickly as possible. All the other doors and all the windows require keys to open (if they open at all) so I want one exit I can get out of, if need be.

The good news is that it should all be covered by insurance (except for a $100 excess). Oh well.

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